Here is our response to COVID-19 to ensure ongoing food access as safely as possible

Stay Safe. Stronger Together!

 ​1) All visitors are required to wear a mask and respect social distancing. 

2) The number of clients in the building is limited to 10 in order to maintain safe standards.

3) Visitors are asked to wait outside, a safe distance apart. A volunteer will come to let you in when space is available.

4) Visitors are asked to wash hands immediately upon entering the building.

5) For regular service you will have the opportunity to order canned and dry goods. A cart will be prepared for you with your dry goods order. 

6) Visitors will be given a seat and a number. When your number is called, you will be able to choose from a limited selection of fresh and frozen foods. 

7) Meals for Kids - Grab'n'Go Meals for kids ages 18 and under!

​8) Groceries To Go - for Seniors and Vulnerable People

*Please note: All normal requirements to show proof of identity and proof of address are suspended due to COVID-19.*