Handicapped parking is available in the food bank parking lot. If special assistance is necessary, please check in with food bank staff and they will arrange for a volunteer to help. A handicapped restroom is available on the upper floor (enter from street level or use elevator in the breezeway).

For those that are hearing impaired, please use the Sprint Washington Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) by calling 800-833-6388 (TTY), or 800-833-6384 (Voice)​

Frequently Asked Questions

Just bring your self! Due to COVID guidelines we only allow one person to shop in the food bank per family. 

If you need assistance shopping we will assist you. Please let us know if you need a designated person to shop for you and we can make arrangements. 


What to Bring:

What Food Bank Do I Go To?

Everyone in need will be served. There are income requirements to receive government food but all other food is served without restriction. You may come in for food once a month.  You can make unlimited visits to our bread and produce room.  

What if I earn too much?

We serve all the city of Des Moines. We also serve the city of SeaTac north to 160th Street. (North of 160th Street in SeaTac is served by the Highline Area Food Bank, located at 18300 4th Avenue South in Burien.)  We also serve the west hill in the city of Kent--west of Orillia Road between 188th Street and Kent-Des Moines Road.

If you have a question about which food bank serves your area, feel free to call us at 206-878-2660, or just come on in! We will not turn anyone down.