1. Limited Entry
    In order to maintain safe standards, we limit the number of clients in our building. Visiting shoppers will be asked to wait outside, so please dress appropriately. A volunteer will come to let you in when space is available. 

  2. Masks Required
    To ensure the safety and well-being of our immunocompromised and elderly visitors, we require all visitors to wear masks and to practice social distancing.

  3. Wash Your Hands
    Upon entry, visiting shoppers will be asked to wash their hands.


  1. Registration & Seat Assignment
    As you enter, we'll provide you with a number (or letter) and forms corresponding to your visit. You will then be directed to a seat in our waiting area.

    We ask that you remain seated until your number is announced—initially for cart preparation, followed by your turn to shop.

  2. Full Service Room
    Customer Carts 

    Upon entry, eligible guests will receive a Full Service order form. Use this form to select various canned and dry goods, as well as eggs.

    When a member of our cart service team first calls your number or letter, they will collect your form, assemble your order, and then give you a shopping cart containing your order and some grocery bags.

    You are now just waiting for our Client Desk to call your number so you can start shopping!

  3. Bread & Produce Room
    Customer Carts 
    After a cart service team member first calls your number or letter, they will provide you with a shopping cart and some grocery bags.

    Please wait for our Client Desk to announce your number, at which point you may begin your shopping experience!


  • When it's your turn to shop in our Full-Service Room and/or our Bread & Produce room, our Client Desk will call your number a second time. Present your paperwork to the Client Desk attendant--they'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about your shopping experience!


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